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Thanal Veedu Arikukulam , Koyilandy

  • » To Aim To Construct a world class facility designed to cater specific needs of psychiatric patients.

Mission & Vision

    “Create an enviorment where everyone gets equal respect and equal opportunity tohave sound health irrespective of one’s beliefs.values and cultural background”

    A place to call home,not only for old people suffering from diseaseslike cancerand disabilities like autism and spasticity...

Thanal Vatakara

In spite of the financial boom and luxury seen all around us, the numbers of people who fall terminally ill are on the rise. Another phenomenon is the rise in the numbers of derelicts and destitutes. Both haves and have nots fall into this category. People who have no home of their home and human beings who have been thrown out from their homes in their old age. Thanal at Vadakara, although a very spacious building, has become full. A generous and noble-hearted gentleman donated a house at Arikkulam in Koyilandy. This house already accommodates thirty five people who have no other go. It is the dream of the people at Thanal to renovate and expand this house in such a manner that more such people could be accommodated. Our mission is to offer solace and a roof for such people. Till they meet with a natural death if Thanal could wipe their tears, offer food and bring a smile on their face then our mission is accomplished.

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