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  • » To Aim To Construct a world class facility designed to cater specific needs of psychiatric patients.

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    “Create an enviorment where everyone gets equal respect and equal opportunity tohave sound health irrespective of one’s beliefs.values and cultural background”

    A place to call home,not only for old people suffering from diseaseslike cancerand disabilities like autism and spasticity...

Thanal Vatakara

The last quarter of 2016 witnessed THANAL expanding its touch of compassion to the nearby district of Kannur with the establishment of a Destitute Home-cum-Pain and Palliative Care Centre and a Dementia Day Care there.

THANAL acknowledges gratefully the helping hands of all benignant selves whose glorified associations coupled with benevolent contributions have benefitted the philanthropic move considerably. The auspicious blessings of the Almighty have paved the way for its modest acts of social goodness. And THANAL loves to believe all the time, “not on our merits, but on His grace”.


The prime impetus for THANAL to start homes for destitute inmates 8 years ago was on such solid grounds that of almost 250 centers for old aged in Kerala, not even a single one then accommodated desolate people with terminal diseases like cancer and other grave bed-ridden conditions. Apart from a home for old-aged, THANAL had its modest outset as a shelter exclusively for the destitute people whose lives deprived of the basic essentialities like food, shelter and medical treatment had been abandoned, dejected and thrown away into streets. The sole philanthropic intent of soothing their distress and easing off their desperations spurred the missions of THANAL with the fullest vigor.


THANAL has its homes for male and female destitute inmates functioning at Edacheri. Majority of these inmates have psychiatric disorders apart from physical maladies. Kerala doesn’t have a desirable destination for destitute psychiatric patients with adept healthcare solutions. The prevalent practice urges the caretakers of the patients to abandon them in any remote pilgrim centers. It is in fact at this pivotal point of thought THANAL emerged with the relevant idea of setting up a unique Psychiatric Destitute Home at Edacheri which provides the patients with the finest rehabilitation aids. These destitute homes are spacious enough to accommodate almost 600 destitute psychiatric patients in a couple of spaciously facilitated buildings for both male and female, 300 each respectively. With the provision of shelter, treatment and rehabilitation measures, THANAL wishes to resurrect their lives in the social mainstream.


The inmates of THANAL’s Destitute Home in Kannur are mainly paraplegic patients. The significant initiative here is the offering of regular, intensive physiotherapy to bedridden patients. The target group of care seekers comprises not only the inmates but also the poor patients from outside who are confined to bed being the victims of spinal cord injuries and other physical handicaps. The ultimate aim in accommodating such physically challenged patients is to enable them stand and walk on their feet and empower them to lead independent and dignified life after the treatment period of three months. The patients here undergo screening and selection processes before the commencement of treatment.

The Pain and Palliative Care Centre at THANAL, Kannur has a coordinated care-giving by a team of palliative specialist doctors, nurses and dedicated volunteers. The centre is featured with the best-inclass practices of Palliative Medicine for pain management and distress relief. Parallel to these, a Day Care dedicated to Dementia patients is also offering service at THANAL, Kannur. Medical Camps and Health Awareness Events conducted here are receiving immense public participation.



THANAL’s Institute of Medical Oncology and Palliative Care is now under construction at Vatakara where the Female Destitute Home and other associated services functioned previously. Prominent cancer centers in Kerala are devoid of sufficient facilities for Medical Oncology. The condition of the Department of Oncology at Govt. Medical College, Calicut too is no different. Lack of Chemotherapist affects cancer treatment so adversely in these government established centers that Chemotherapy is given by Radiotherapist himself. Though a few private hospitals have adequate facilities for Medical Oncology, the treatment expense is fully out of reach for poor patients. Eminent cancer specialists have urged that the need of the hour is to start more number of oncology centers across the state. Quite alike to the deficiency of affordable centers with commendable facilities in Medical Oncology, InPatient Palliative Centers in cancer treatment in charitable sector too are sparse in the state. Although there are around 300 centers offering palliative care in Kerala at present, only a very few of them, to say 3 or 4 have in-patient treatment facilities. The desirable interventions of palliative care are absent everywhere, due to lack of facilities and manpower. The establishment of Institute of Medical Oncology and Palliative Care unveils in the backdrop of the points discussed above. The intention upon the execution of this project is the establishment of a unique institution, assuredly the first of its kind to offer the most affordable and outstanding InPatient treatment facilities in Medical Oncology and Palliative Medicine. The transformation of the state, Kerala as a hub of excellence in Medical Oncology is aimed at through this project.


To serve more children with disabilities out of charity, THANAL is on a move to realize yet another school project on a huge land area near Kuttiyadi. The project has been planned for immediate execution here and initiatives from the volunteers of THANAL in fulfilling this sublime dream are in full swing. As per the architectural design created by Padma Shri Architect G Shankar complying with the aesthetic, greenish and eco-friendly standards, the estimated construction area which will accommodate two main school blocks, Administration Block, Commercial Block and Dining Block is nearly 50, 000 square feet. The construction cost per square feet is INR 1,500 which calculates the net project budget to INR 75 million.

Destitute Homes at Kodagu in Karnataka state and at Kannur, a Dialysis Centre at Vellamunda, Chemancheri, Taliparamba , Mahe and a Psychiatry Centre near Calicut are the other upcoming charitable projects of THANAL.

Testimony to this fact comes from none other than one of its inmates:

An aged father was put in cow shelter along with a cow, who had all disabilities of old age with filarial swelling of both legs along with cancer in the cheek which produced a pus pouring ulcer with a hole through the cheek which lodged many maggots definitely intolerable foul smell amids his motion and urine flowing out through same track that of cow living with him. Thanal rescued him gave homely care and treatment and brought him back to humanity

The inmates have a feeling that they have regained their sons, daughter and other beloved ones. This born-again feeling is bringing back their traits of being fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. The Thanal activists in turn nurse and mother them to their heart’s content.

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